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    Why wait for a “special” occasion to wear a tulle skirt? They’re so versatile you can wear it for just about any occasion, including but not limited to date night, engagement photo shoot, anniversary, girl’s night out, grocery shopping, cookouts, because you feel like it, church, and to conclude this short list, a faux holiday started by J. Crew.

    Champagne Tulle Skirt and Striped T-shirtTo celebrate, on March 31, 2018, we rolled out our layered tulle skirt just in time for National Stripes Day. A day celebrated by thousands of J. Crew and stripes lovers all over the United States. And although J. Crew readily admits that this “national holiday” is completely made up, we readily accepted its reality in our hearts and wardrobes.


    Champagne Tulle Skirt with Striped T-shirt

    Stripes are kinda thing for me (meaning I’m obsessed) and I knew the navy blue and white striped J. Crew Perfect Tee would pair nicely with 2live2love’s champagne layered tulle skirt, creating a casual, but cool  look.

    2live2love Champagne Tulle Skirt with J. Crew Striped T-shirtWhy stop there?! I love combining old with new, so I topped this look off with my favorite ol’ trench coat, gold sandals from last summer, a classic gold Eco Drive Citizens watch from way back… and oh how could I forget my Dad’s hat.

    2live2love Champagne Tulle Skirt with J. Crew Striped T-shirtAfter this glorious iPhone photo shoot I realized that most of the images show my head turned to the side (palms face). No matter, because I managed to squeeze in one forward facing shot, which so happens to show the  small tulle brooch I made to bring this look full circle. See! It’s easy to style a tulle skirt and this layered version is available in over 10 colors! Shop HERE.

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